Wiper dumps Nyenze’s widow Vethi like raw sewage after secret State House visit


The much-anticipated win for Wiper ticket by Vethi Nyenze has died on arrival after the widow visited Statehouse in the wee hours of the night, putting her on a collision course with Wiper top dogs.

The Wiper officials took Vethi’s secret State House visit as an insult on the party which does not see eye to eye with the ruling party.

When the Wiper top officials were supplied with evidence of her visit, they hit the roof with fury, with party leader Kalonzo Musyoka pouring scorn on her candidature.

“The party leader was utterly shocked when he was informed that Vethi, just like her late husband, had stabbed him in the back. Looking at his face you could tell any compassion he had for the woman just evaporated,” said a highly placed Wiper source.

Investigations by Nairobi Digest reveal that Vethi was hauled to State House by aged Kitui politician David Musila to meet president Uhuru Kenyatta where among other things they discussed Vethi’s candidature to succeed her late husband and how Jubilee can support her to win the seat.

The late Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze and his widow Vethi

The retired Musila has been desperately trying to get Jubilee’s eye for a cabinet appointment and sees the politically naive Vethi as his launch pad for his selfish agenda.

“Musila wants to deliver Kitui West seat to Jubilee through Vethi. Again he also wants to punish Kalonzo through her,” added our source.

Vethi’s candidature has also been irreparably dented by the fact that Kitui senator Enoch Wambua is her young brother, with majority agreeing that the two parliamentary seats cannot go to the same family.

Wambua, also a politically naive person has been robustly pushing for his sister’s candidature even using unorthodox means to knock out her competitors through vague technicalities.

Vethi has no political spine of her own and senator Wambua is her perfect puppeteer, something which has raised concern why Wambua wants to be senator and member of national assembly at the same time.

Our snitches have confirmed that in several Wiper meetings called for aspirants, Wambua has appeared purportedly to represent her.

“The woman is clueless and has no agenda at all. Only her brother knows why she is contesting” regretted Benja Mwaki from Mutonguni ward.

Out of naivety, Vethi, senator Wambua’s puppet suddenly appears to have engaged a self-destructive political gear by daring to sleep with Wiper’s political enemy – Jubilee.

Senator Wambua, who has since Nyenze’s death taken over the ‘management’ of his sister is reported to have sanctioned Vethi’s State House visit in connivance with retired Musila.

As the clock ticks towards Tuesday – the day of the Wiper nominations – Vethi and her puppeteers seem to have failed the loyalty test even before before primaries.

Like the late Nyenze, Vethi also seems to be a double-barreled sword and cannot be trusted.