Raila People’s Assembly rejected by real Bunge la Mwanachi


By Irene Mativo

The National Super Alliance proposal to form a people’s assembly has been opposed by the Bunge La Wananchi stating that the Raila Odinga-led one is a duplicate.

NASA has sis that it will rebel against the Jubilee administration by using people’s assemblies across the country.

NASA has said that the assemblies will compromise elected leaders, religious leaders, members of the general public, civil society organisations among all other interested groups.

Bunge la Mwananchi, is a pro-poor social movement that was started and fronted by people who felt deprived of social justice and decent living conditions and has been in existence for decades.

Speaking at Jeevanjee Gardens the chairman of the Bunge la Mwananchi Henry Shitanda said that Odinga plans to take over  the already established platform to push his political agenda will not be accepted but will be allowed to join like any other Kenyan.

“Unfortunately, although Bunge La Wananchi is an open platform and for that we indeed invite him to join as a Kenyan. We find some of his agenda contrary to the core mission and tenets of our movement,” said Shitanda.

The chairperson said that they will only allow Odinga  to join the movement and subject himself  to the coming election where he will face-off with other candidates who will be contesting for the Presidency of the movement.

Mr Shitanda said that the opposition leader will also be invited to attend daily debates at Jeevanjee Gardens to pronounce and present his agenda to the movement for adoption/rejection by members.

The group carries its daily activities in streets and under the trees in the villages in its core mission to inspire social dialogue among people living together, promoting tolerance and peaceful co-existence among communities hence they will not allow to be used in demonstrations and looting.

“We shall require Odinga and his co-principals to abide by our rules and democratic traditions. We are non-violent movement that seeks to unite all Kenyans and we require him to publicly reject violence and the secession agenda before joining the movement or we shall reject his agenda totally,” said Shitanda.

The movement secretary Kiptoo John said that Mbunge La Mwanachi said that since he was defeated on the national politics let him humble himself and join the movement as they will not allow for a new group to be formed.

Mr Raila has been also urged not to bring condition in the movement and also not expect the members to join in demonstrations that include stone throwing.

“He will choose what sitting to attend as we are devolved to all areas and counties, but he can join the Jeevanjee meeting which is near Capital Hill,”said Shitanda.