Insecurity risk in the City as CCTV cameras installed are no longer working

Sample of a CCTV Camera
Sample of a CCTV camera-courtesy

By TND Team

Over 437.4million coffers money was lost after the Integrated Urban Surveillance System installed in 2012 collapsed due to lack of maintenance.

The  surveillance project had received a Sh8.5 billion grant from the Chinese government and a Chinese firm – Ms Nanjing Les Information Technologies – would later be awarded the tender to install the CCTV cameras for Sh437 million.

This was confirmed at the Nairobi County  Public Accounts Committee led by the chairman Wilfred Odalo where the transport department said that the project was conducted by the Metropolitan hence City hall and distanced themselves from it.

The Public works director Eng Frederick Karanja told the committee that the project suffered a major setback after the police department pulled out of it and opted to partner with the Kenya’s largest mobile phone firm Safaricom to construct a security system worth 14.9 billion shillings.

“The project was expected to benefit the police but once it was completed they did it want it anymore,”said Mr Karanja.

Mr  Karanja added that  that the county government provided the control room where the machines are housed but are nolonger working and the funds came from the national government.

Eng Karanja said that the  closed circuit television cameras that dot various city streets were  42 in number but seized working hence putting the lives of city residents in danger due to insecurity.

“The ministry of metropolitan installed cameras and traffic signals and used the control room based at the City Hall annex but they are nolonger operational as they did not hand over to the county after completion for maintainace,”said Eng Karanja.

The engineer added that the contractor also failed to train city hall workers and some of the machines are locked gathering dust as they are inaccessible.

The committee heard that the county has also withdrawn from the control room which runs the traffic signal as they do not have habset to communicate with the people on the ground.

“The traffic signals are working but we havec withdrawn the traffic officers on the ground since there is no handset to communicate with the person on the ground,”said Eng Karanja.

He added that the county has made efforts to have the department of Metropolitan which is under the Ministry of Housing and urban Planning to make an official handing over but they are dragging.

Eng Karanja said that they wrote to the same department on November 2nd 2017 when they wanted them to take stock of their equipment but they have never responded to date.

“The room is at City hall Annex it was once vandalized but the equipments are there hence not operating due to lack of maintance,”he added.

The Karen MCA David Mberia raised the issue of the he early morning of February 7,2015  Kabete MP George Muchai, his two bodyguards and driver where shot and killed near the Kenyatta Avenue-Uhuru Highway roundabout which remained unsolved due to the faulty Cameras.

The Auditor General representatives however said they are not satisfied with the response over the issue since projects started by Ministry of Metropolitan are been maintained by the counties.