Did NMG’s Tom Mshindi kill Jimi Wanjigi on behalf of Jubilee government?

A combo of Tom Mshindi and Jimi Wanjigi

Kenyans woke up to a rude shock when the leading media house – Nation Media Group – killed businessman Jimi Wanjigi.

So shocking was the news following a paid-up obituary advert prominently published with his mugshot photograph and detailed profile with the only error being a slight spelling error in his name.

The advert announced that Wanjigi, whom the Jubilee government has been hunting day and night, had died on January 30, the day on which his friend Raila Odinga was sworn-in as the people’s president at a colourful ceremony held at Uhuru Park.

Even though the Daily Nation apologised and said it had reported the matter to the police, opinion is divided on how such a thing could happen.

Already, the name of Editor-in-Chief Tom Mshindi has been mentioned as being the one behind the bizarre obituary announcement with many alleging that he sneaked it in through his 360 Media Consulting PR firm.

For a very long time, Mshindi has been thought to be a government puppet who has systematically eroded the quality of journalism and discarded professionalism for mediocre.

Now with the Wanjigi killing, it has now come out in the public that Mshindi is indeed a compromised media practitioner who is quick to sacrifice the innocent for his personal gain.

The tears of many of the journalists who have been rendered jobless because of his poor leadership will not go to vain as many innocent young talents have been sacked because of trivial things like not wearing a job tag.

The man suspected to have placed the killer advert


His prowess in maneuvering in-between the things of any woman – old, young, black, light skinned or even pregnant – is unrivaled further being blackmailed by these women who demand for either pay hikes ore spared the sack or they release embarrassing video of him giving them strokes of happiness for all to watch.

No wonder he wanted to throw Linus Kaikai below the weight of the SGR train when Kaikai stood his ground that the swearing-in of the Peoples President Raila Odinga had to be covered live.

Tom Mshindi must come clear of the allegations or the public court would forever charge him guilty.